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To book a table, you will be required to fill out a form with your details, including the number of guests you plan to bring and any special requirements you may have. You may also be asked to provide payment details, such as credit card information, to secure your booking.

Alternatively, you may be able to book a table by contacting the event organizers directly via phone or email. Organizers will provide you with more information on the packages available and help you to make a booking.

Once your table booking is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email with all the necessary information, including the time and location of the event and any specific instructions or requirements for the day. You will also receive additional information closer to the event date, such as dress code or menu options with allergies request.

It’s important to book your table well in advance of the event to avoid disappointment, as awards ceremonies can be popular, and tables can sell out quickly.

The Eastern Eye Property Awards 2023 is a prestigious event that recognizes excellence and innovation in the real estate industry across the UK. The awards recognise and reward high achievers within black, Asian, and ethnic minority groups and celebrate the very best of multicultural Britain.

The inaugural Eastern Eye Property Awards will take place on 2 th October 2023 in Central London. It is an extension of the highly successful Asian Business Awards, which celebrates excellence in business and entrepreneurship.

The Eastern Eye Property Awards will spotlight and celebrate the firm’s achievements across the property sector. Nominations will close on Saturday 30 September 2023. Entries received after will not be considered.

Here are some reasons why a real estate developer, agent, or company should consider applying for The Eastern Eye Property Awards 2023:

  • Recognition: Winning an award such as The Eastern Eye Property Awards can provide significant recognition for a real estate developer or company. It can raise the company’s profile in the industry, increase brand awareness, and enhance credibility and reputation.
  • Networking: The awards ceremony provides an excellent opportunity for real estate professionals to network with their peers and industry experts. This can lead to new business opportunities, collaborations, and partnerships.
  • Benchmarking: Applying for an award such as The Eastern Eye Property Awards allows real estate companies to benchmark their performance against competitors. This can provide valuable insights into areas where they need to improve and help identify industry best practices.
  • Motivation: Winning an award can be a significant motivator for employees and can help to boost morale and productivity. It can also help to attract and retain talent in a highly competitive industry.
  • Publicity: The Eastern Eye Property Awards generate significant media coverage and publicity, allowing real estate companies to showcase their achievements and success stories to a wider audience. This can help to attract new clients and investors and increase revenue.

Nominations for the Eastern Eye Property Awards have been extended to Saturday 30 September 2023. Entries received after that will not be considered. Making a nomination for the Awards is free!

The judging process for The Eastern Eye Property Awards 2023 is rigorous and impartial, ensuring that only the most deserving candidates are recognized and rewarded.

The judging process for the awards involves a panel of industry experts who will carefully review all the entries and assess each based on predefined criteria.

Winners of The Eastern Eye Property Awards 2023 will be announced at a prestigious ceremony, where they will receive recognition for their outstanding contributions to the UK real estate industry. This event celebrates excellence and inspires others in the industry to strive for greatness and make a positive impact in their communities.

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